And What is Plotting, again?

Plotting is a process where files are generated and stored on your hard drives

to allow you to farm and earn XCH (Chia Network Price).

Plotting consumes a lot of time!

That's were we come in, we do the plotting and you do the farming!

We turn plots around to you as soon as we receive your hard drives.

You no longer need to wait weeks or months to fill a 12TB hard drive!



We do the heavy lifting.

Our Chia Plotting Service utilizes enterprise level hardware, therefore customers don't have to invest in expensive NVMe's that will be eventually destroyed by plotting at home.

Our dedication to our customer's privacy is paramount, to ensure this we practice above industry standard security protocols.
The processes we use empower customers to farm utilizing standard home computing solutions without the need of additional expensive hardware. Send us your hard drives and we will load them with K32 plots!

Personal Hard Drive Plotting

Ship us your hard drive, and we will send it back to you ready to begin farming on your home computer.


Premium Storage Plotting

We hand select a premium storage device, load it with plots and ship it to you, ready to farm.

Custom Plotting Services

Do you have custom storage needs, or a bulk purchase in mind? Contact us and we can tailor a solution for you.